This ship is constructed by Borderworlds Exports for use by Bretonian firms when large amounts of cargo need serious protection.
It follows the Bretonian tradition of relying on heavy armour and powerful armaments to defend itself, as opposed to any sort of finesse or delicate handling. This works extremely well, its vast size allowing for a generous cargo hold as well as a power core and armor suite that is nothing short of terrifying for those pirates that may think of robbing it.

The Shire is used on all major trade routes frequented by Bretonian corporations, not being so common on the minor ones as other, lighter, vessels due to it developing a reputation for being somewhat awkward and clumsy in asteroid fields. However, in space which is easier to navigate, this container transport is seen as one of the most difficult to attack in all Sirius.

Current Owners:
Members of the Convoy group
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