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We are some sort of sub-division of Borderworld Exports, the primary supplier to the Bretonian Armed Forces.
And thats what we primarily do. We act as the Bretonian Merchant Navy, directly orientated at the Convoy's our forefathers established in ancient Sol history, in a huge war, called the "second world war". They armed their Convoys to provide better protection, and stuck together in groups. Thats what we do.

We are in some way split off the capitalistic way, and only try to bring supplies to our glorious Bretonian Armed Forces, to help them win the war against Kusari. The second thing we do is to improve the humanitary situation on war-shaked Planet Leeds, which is overcrowded by thousands of refugees, trying to leave the dangerous are of Leeds to a better, safer life. Thats where we come in. We bring them out, trying to provide a safe travel to Planet Pittsburgh, New York System, Liberty Space, or to Planet Holstein, Frankfurt System, Rheinland Space.

This in some way fits to our primary task, as we can bring in Boron from Pittsburgh or Military Vehicles from Nuremberg on the way back. So, what I have to say here is, that we never export war-important goods out of Bretonia, and only import war-important goods to Bretonia.

By this, we always remain friendly if we encounter pirates, no matter how strong our escort may be, as we have a special permission by BAF to use two Bretonia Gunboats for escort purposes. These two have already been assigned and put into service, so no further licenses for Gunboats are available. Instead, we use The Civilian Very Heavy Fighter Eagle and the Civilian Bomber Roc as additional escorts.

As long as pirates do a senseful demand, they shall have their will. If not, we try to clear it up diplomatically. If this dont work... then we are prepared for battle
After thinking about all this, and always remembering, WE ARE BRETONIANS

Hail to our glorious queen, Carina 1st, Hail to the Crown, and Hail to our great Kingdom of Bretonia!

Company Leader
Fleet Admiral