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We work for the Border World Exporters, we are Bretonians, and live work to serve the Queen, Queen Carina I is the current Monarch of the United Kingdom and Empire of Bretonia.

The Kingdom of Bretonia is made up of ten star systems (New London, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dublin, Dundee, Poole and Salisbury), out of which three include populated Planets:

New London, Leeds and Cambridge; although officially stated by the government the Kingdom and Empire of Bretonia includes six more systems: Inverness, Chester, Lewis, Orkney, Tau-23 and Tau-31.

Out of those systems, however, Lewis has been almost entirely overrun with Gaians since the late 740s and in practice is well beyond the control of the Bretonian state, whilst Chester and Inverness remain at present undeveloped due to a lack of discovered exploitable resources and current budget constraints of the Bretonian Crown.

As for Tau 31, 23 and Orkney, control of the systems is hotly contested by the Kusari Empire and it appears that the outcome of the present war will decide their fate once and for all.

Flag of Bretonia
The Leeds system is a crossroad system of Bretonia space. Jump gate accesses can be found in this system connected to The Edinburgh system, Newcastle system, New London system and the Tau-31 system. Several companies have already set up bases in this system, as well as the police and military authorities.
Planet Leeds